About Avocado honey


What is the organic Avocado honey?
Avocado honey is type of honey known for its rich, buttery taste. The dark-colored honey origins come from the southern regions of Mexico, can be found in Australia and California as well. Honey is being obtained from the nectar of avocado blossoms, the honey is considered pretty rare because avocado blossoms are in season almost the same time as citrus blossoms, and these blossoms are more preferred by honey bees. People find avocado honey as very beneficial and uses it for food, health and beauty regimens.

Because of the unique taste of avocado honey it can be added to a variety of foods as an accent, and it can serve as a substitute for sugar or molasses. Usually the honey is drizzled over fruits, cakes and pies. By combining avocado honey with virgin olive oil and mustard, a unique mix is used on top of the salads and freshly baked breads. Because of its versatility in taste, avocado honey can be used as a glaze for salmon, beef, chicken and vegetables.

The health benefits of Avocado honey
For people who prefer natural medicine for common health issues, avocado honey can deliver many benefits. The honey has high levels of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. The honey can also provide relief from seasonal allergies related to pollen. Ingesting the honey allows person to build up immunity to pollen found both from avocado blossoms and other flowers located within the same area.

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