About Fireweed honey


What is the organic Fireweed honey?
Fireweed is a uniquely beautiful, pink-flowered plant. As the name indicates, the plant is one of the first plants to grow in the area after a forest fire.

The honey is highly appreciated for its light colour and subtle flavour. Honey gathering varies from year to year depending on weather conditions. Sometimes when conditions are not that good no honey could be harvested that year. In general, approximately just 1 year out of every 5 produces best quality fireweed honey.

The health benefits of Fireweed honey
Daily use of honey helps to improve the condition of the body and the whole immune system. However, there are many kinds of honey, each of which has its own treating properties. Fireweed has been used for long in folk medicine to fight a wide range of diseases. It helps with problems with the respiratory tract and has strong antibacterial properties.

Fireweed is a great honey plant. It attracts bees from a long distance, alluring them by its tasteful flavor. Bees collect nectar and then they produce fragrant fireweed honey. Of course, some people do not like fireweed honey because of its specific appearance.

More about Fireweed honey
Everyone waits for miracle which can knock in his life. For some fireweed honey is the miracle. It easily and naturally gives you health and vitality. In general, fireweed honey can be a magician, which brings peace and beauty into your everyday life.

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