About Manuka Honey


What is an organic Manuka honey?
Manuka honey is a form of monofloral honey, it‘s produced by bees of a plant in some regions of world better known as the tea tree. According to recent honey research, it has a few interesting properties.

The health benefits of Manuka honey
The tea tree is known for its antibacterial and antifungal properties and it has been used for ages for production of things like mouth washes and disinfectants. In addition to these properties as well as tasting good, this honey can also be used in wound dressing to prevent infection. Honey is a natural antiseptic, it also speeds healing while it protects wounds from bacterias flyinf in the air. Re-appeared people interest in manuka honey has revived the practice of using honey as an antibacterial, and from then it has even been packaged into a first aid kit.

The color of manuka honey is quite dark, and it is very rich in flavor, it can be used just like regular honey for sweeting a cup of tea and is a very popular honey in New Zealand, the home of the tea tree. It is also common to create manuka honey products, such as whipped honey and honey salves and creams.

More about Manuka honey
People may see manuka honey under a label of “UMF honey,”that stands for “Unique Manuka Factor,” a concept created by Peter Molan, a researcher from New Zealand. He has established a UMF scale, comparing manuka honey with standard disinfectants. The research has also showed that manuka honey appears to be powerful in fighting against some strains of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

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