About Orange Blosson honey


What is organic Orange Blossom honey?
Orange Blossom Honey is honey that comes from the citrus plants. This honey is very common and has a light citrus aroma and taste as well as white to pale amber color.

Because of the mild taste and lightness, orange blossom honey is excellent to use on toast, biscuits and other breads. It also tastes very nicely with cheeses, also works truly great drizzled on yogurt or fruit.

This honey has become popular recently because of a few famous chefs that have showed to the world how great this honey can be in various sauces.

The health benefits of Orange blossom honey
Orange blossom honey, like all the other varieties of honey, has healing properties that help in human health and can be used both internally and externally. Honey does not intend to replace medical care, and you should always contact your doctor before using it in high dozes.

Orange blossom honey provides a wide range of natural vitamins antioxidants into one‘s diet. This honey contains quercetin, hesperitin, naringenin and isorhamnetin — antioxidants with anti-allergy, anti-cancer and immune system supporting effects. Eating orange blossom honey will also help to fight with free radical damage.

More about Orange blossom honey
Orange blossom honey is a great source of minerals to support nutrition: zinc, magnesium, calcium, selenium, boron, manganese, copper, potassium and sodium were all found in orange blossom honey, the composition depends on geographical location. If honey is dark it likely has a high mineral content. The honey is safe and usually well-tolerated by the biggest part of the population. Please avoid this honey if you have a known allergy to bees or to citrus products.

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