About Sage honey


What is organic Sage honey?
Sage honey, is produced primarily in California, is made by bees from nectar of any type of the herbs of the genus Salvia. A unique taste, smell, and color – that‘s what makes this honey different. The shades range from truly white to white to light amber. There darker shades as well: thicker types include amber and dark brown. Usually white honey has a light and mild taste, while dark honey is rich in taste and, of course, color.

The health benefits of Sage honey
The chemicals that contain honey are responsible for the varied characteristics. Different kinds of sugars, such as glucose, fructose, and sucrose, exist in different ranges and proportions in flower nectar. The nectar of sage is  high in the sugars.

Many honeys can be tasted at farmer’s markets, specialty honey stores, or through online retailers. Buyers should choose honeys made using raw, unfiltered method to get the freshest, most fragrant and unforgetable experience.

Always store honey away from direct light or extreme heat. Sage honey is valued by gourmets for its high sugar content, which makes it less likely to crystallize fast.

More about Sage honey
Sage honey would be a perfect honey to make mead. This alcoholic drink has roots in ancient Rome, Egypt, and medieval Baltics. When mixed with water and left at room temperature, the mixture ferments into a very tasty drink.

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