About Tupelo honey


What is organic Tupelo honey?
Tupelo honey is produced from the blossoms of the tupelo gum tree. This tree usually grows in flooded forest areas, especially in the USA, in states such as Florida, Louisiana, Georgia, and Virginia as well as along the Mississippi River. This honey made from the white tupelo gum tree is greatest quality table honey and is valued and used for its delicious flavor and its inability to crystallize and for a health benefits.

Unpasteurized Tupelo honey
The honey is sometimes called fine tupelo honey and is the most expensive honey because it costs a lot to produce it. The beekeepers should take accurate care and clean the combs at the right time to make sure when the white tupelo gum tree blossoms, only the nectar from these blossoms is collected. It is a sweet and delicious light amber color table honey with a greenish shade.

Black tupelo honey, as you may guess, is made from the blossoms of the black tupelo gum tree and this type of honey, collected from black tupelo, comes in a darker color and will granulate. It is usually not being used table honey purposes and is often used at the bakery grade. Both white and black honeys are produced by placing bees on platforms on the tupelo gum trees in the spring months so the bees do not travel that far to collect the nectar.

More about Tupelo honey
If best quality white tupelo honey is mixed with any other type of honey such it will granulate. Only white honey won’t ever crystallize. The delightful taste of the pure white honey can be savored on hot buttered toast or cold ice-cream as well as on other breads or food.

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